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Many people from all walks of life come to counselling and bring a variety of issues, fears and anxieties with them. Some want to get support during a time of change, or feel the need to unravel old conflicts, or find out about what they want for themselves, and others would like to continue their personal development. They come from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and all age groups. People decide to see a counsellor for a variety of reasons and sometimes there is not even a specific reason, more a feeling that there is something missing in life or not going well in their relationships. But one thing is in common: they share the need to gain more insight into what is troubling them and would like to find answers. 

Counselling is a secure place to bring emotions and thoughts and talk about things that are worrying or making you unhappy. You can explore the issues and difficulties in confidence with an experienced and trained professional. The counsellor is there to help without judging or telling you what to do.