Why Counselling ?
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As a Gestalt trained counsellor and Gestalt psychotherapist, I work with my clients in an encompassing, empathic and holistic way.

Throughout my work I have found that "unfinished business" often hinders people to lead a fulfilling and successful life. Old beliefs and behavioural patterns that were once useful in the past can limit the emotional freedom, obstruct healthy relationships in the present and hinder us from leading a happy and contented life. As a counsellor I support you to become more aware of your emotions, patterns, beliefs, anxieties, fears and through more insight into what are often perceived as difficult feelings and thoughts I will help you to find a better understanding of yourself and your choices and options for a happier way forward. 

Everyone who comes to counselling is different and each person comes for a different reason. Some people need support in times of change or when they have suffered a major loss. Some people feel anxious and distressed. The reasons for why people are seeking for support are unlimited. Therefore, it is important for me to adjust my way of working to each individual without judging, criticizing or telling what to do.