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Another way of exploring personal issues with a counsellor is through groupwork.

A group offers its members opportunities to explore personal issues with the support and participation of people who are also interested in understanding themselves, and the various and sometimes burdening experiences of their lives. Participating in a group can be very valuable for people who don't feel they need individual counselling as such, but would like to talk in a group with other group members and with the counsellor, who is there to facilitate and work with them. A lot of people will find groupwork also helpful as a way of sharing with others and learning about other peoples' problems, and sometimes these problems are not so different from their own. The feeling of not being alone can be very important, and a group setting provides a safe environment for feeling part of something through sharing and listening to others. Becoming aware of our own way to relate to and to interact with others, can also be of tremendous support.

I hold regular weekly groups in the Englefield Green Village Centre.

NEWS : Two counselling groups for women will start on Thursday, February 16th. Please call 01784 74 04 02 or email haascounselling@gmail.com for more information and to book your space. The cost will be 10£ per session.